• Gasketed Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger

    .High Efficiency Heat Transfer  Performance
    .Reduced Fouling
    .Compact Size
    .Lower Cost
    .Easy to Clean and Inspect

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  • Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger

    . Less expensive as compared to Plate type coolers
    . Can be used in systems with higher operating temperatures and pressures
    . Pressure drop across a tube cooler is less

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  • Finned Tube Type Heat Exchanger

    . High-performance finned tube due to Fin to Tube Bonding
    . Resists high loads, both thermally and mechanically
    . Extremely dimensionally stable
    . Hardly any maintenance is required – maximum reliability

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  • Engine Testbed Charge Air Water Cooler

    . Reduced Fuel Consumption
    . Faster Engine Response
    . Lower Pressure Drop on Charge Air
    . More Compact Installation
    . More Stable Charge Air temperature
    . Maintenance Ease

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  • Lube Oil Cooler

    . Optional Nozzle Location
    . Removal of Bonnet without disturbing the Piping
    . No need to Empty the Shell Side for Inspection or Cleaning
    . Viton "0" Ring with its Special Retainer Ring makes inspection and cleaning of Tubes
    . Very easy, External Surfaces Sand Blasted And Enamel/Epoxy Painted

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  • Ammonia Condensor

    . Robust construction
    . Dimensional Accuracy
    . Corrosion Resistant
    . High performance

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  • ATE manufactures

    . Plate-and-bar type radiators
    . Welded tubes type radiators
    . Shell type radiators and
    . manifold type radiators

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Function: Used for evaporation, dryer, demisting
Material of Construction: Aluminum
Structure: Bar and Plate Heat Exchanger
Specialty: High Heat Transfer ability , Energy-Saving Heat Exchanger
Application: Air Dryers
General Process:
3-in-1 and 4 in 1 heat exchanger and water-oil separator model is designed specially for the Refrigerated Air Dryer. It consists of Precooler (Air to Air Plate Fin Heat Exchanger), Evaporator (Air to Refrigerant Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger) and stainless steel mesh Gas-Liquid separator filter. It has four functions: Precooling, Cooling, Separation and Filtration. There is insulating layer outside of this unit in order to reduce the loss of heat and increase the effectiveness.


Structure Sketch of 4 in 1 Horizontal Heat Exchanger

Structure Sketch of 4 in 1 Vertical Heat Exchanger


Precooler and Evaporator are both aluminum vacuum brazed Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers. Compared with shell and tube heat exchanger in traditional refrigerated air dryer, the heat transfer area of plate-fin heat exchanger is larger and so the exchanger effectiveness is higher. Generally, the heat transfer area density of plate-fin heat exchanger can be 1500m2/m3, but the shell and tube heat exchanger’s is only about 160m2/m3. And the heat transfer coefficient of plate-fin heat exchanger is 5-10 times higher than shell and tube heat exchanger.


Sectional View of 4 in 1 Horizontal Heat Exchanger

Sectional View of 4 in 1 Vertical Heat Exchanger

Air-water separator uses optimized spiral guide structure and the main principle is to separate the liquid and gas according to the difference of the liquid weight and gas weight and using gas flow direction and the inertia of speed changing. Mesh filter is made of some steel mesh and it can filterate air secondary to increase the dry efficiency.


Features and Advantages
(1)Compact size:
- Reduces the total air dryer size
- Significantly reduces the refrigerant hold-up volume
(2)Highly efficient thermal performance and low pressure drop minimizes power usage.
(3)Low price.
(4)Easy to repair and long service life.
(5)Full compatibility with the most common refrigerants.

All of our 4 in 1 heat exchangers undergo a hydrostatic test of 1.5 times the design pressure with water for 30 minutes and a leak test of 1.1 times the design pressure with air for 10 minutes for the air side. After passed by the above tests, each unit is to perform 24 hours’ keeping pressure of 18 bar and conduct helium test for the refrigerant side, respectively.




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